Monday, January 9, 2012

Just the Beginning

I am a writer. I have not published a book, nor gained any monetary reward for anything I've written, but it is who I am. For as long as I can remember, I have written. What I wouldn't give to get back inside the head of that young pre-pubescent girl who wrote rhyming poems back in the fourth and fifth grade. That's where it all started, I suppose. That deep yearning, longing, desire and need to express myself through words. Maybe some day I'll have the courage to make that immature and yet sweet collection public. We'll see.

For now, I've come to realize that it is who I am. I am many other things of course; wife, mommy, daughter, sister, teacher, friend... but in all of those other roles I live, I am able to act on them, live them and celebrate them daily, except for the writer. Until today.

So as I enter into two extravagent new histories; a new year and a new decade(soon), I decided it was time to take advantage of technology, my increasing experience with the blogging phenomenon and venture with open mind, spirit, courage and attitude into my journey.

It is time to open my window to clear out what's been in my mind for well over 3 decades...unleash my spirit into the wind to see where she'll go...let the magic of a breath of fresh air fill my lungs so that I may sing something that needs to be sung or just take a deep, long, overdue breath when it's nonsense, necessary or perhaps even urgent.

You are welcome to see this through with me or just peek in every now and again. I don't promise you the Twilight Saga or another J.K. Rowling and certainly not an Emily Bronte or Dickinson. I just promise you truth in spirit, heart and emotion, and

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